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dimanche 19 février 2006

Etude de l’adoption de Firefox en entreprise

ComputerWorld publie un reportage de 3 pages sur
l’adoption de Firefox dans les grandes entreprises. Firefox est ajoutés à la liste des navigateurs supportés par des entreprises comme Boeing et Fidelity mais la majorité d’entre elles restent scotchées uniquement à Internet Explorer. Computerworld publie les résultats d’une enquête par courriel au cours des deux derniers mois auprès des DSI.

In an e-mail poll conducted by Computerworld over the past two months, 86% of the 105 IT managers who responded listed IE as the sole browser standard at their companies. Only seven of the respondents reported having a multibrowser or non-Microsoft standard, and among those who did, the purpose generally was to support non-Windows desktop systems. (…)

Despite the dearth of usage, there are signs that many IT managers welcome the challenge that Firefox is posing to Microsoft’s ironclad grip on the browser market. In the Computerworld poll, 70% of the respondents said that Firefox is having a positive effect on the IT industry, and many said they were pleased to see that the heightened competition is pushing Microsoft to make improvements in IE 7.0, which is due later this year.

Nearly half of the respondents (45%) said they use Firefox as their sole browser or in addition to others, such as IE, Safari or Opera. And 21% said their IT departments have added support for Firefox.