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mercredi 5 juillet 2006

L’International Herald Tribune visite Mozilla Europe

Thomas Crampton de l’International Herald Tribune a interviewé Tristan Nitot, le président de Mozilla Europe, sur la diversité des parts de marché de Firefox en Europe et la multiplicité des communautés de traduction locales. Auparavant, le journaliste a pu constater l’exiguïté des locaux de Mozilla à Paris.

For a software company that is rapidly cutting into Microsoft’s share of the Web browser market, Mozilla Corp. has a particularly unimpressive European headquarters.

Firefox, Mozilla’ s main product, has been downloaded more than 190 million times, but visitors expecting a grandiose reception desk will be disappointed – if they can even find the company’s single unmarked room on the fourth floor of a rundown building in central Paris.

« We don’t need to impress people with a fancy sales office, » said Tristan Nitot, founder and president of Mozilla Europe, who shares the single room with two others. « After all, we give away our most popular product for free. »